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Aspen, Bea, and Lovey are our special ragdoll kitties who have filled our lives with their endless cuddles, licks, and purrs. There is no amount of gratitude and appreciation that can convey how incredible Stephanie has been through each of our adoptions with her kitties. She truly makes the process of adopting a ragdoll kitten ten times more enjoyable with her kindness, humor, and overall contagious joy. Our family would not be complete without our 3 cats and Stephanie helping us along the way. You can truly feel the love and appreciation she holds in caring for each kitten as they grow in the 3 months before going to their forever home. You will not find a better breeder, person, or friend than Stephanie. We love you Stephanie!


The Eavey Family


I love my Ragdolls!

Thank you Stephanie for my beautiful babies! I got Remington(Remy) a Red Point Mitted in 2020, Stephanie said that I would eventually get another Ragdoll. She was right, I got Winchester(Winnie) a Blue Mitted in 2021. Stephanie is such a wonderful person to work with. She genuinely cares about her kittens. She sent me pictures of each of the kittens, and kept in touch with me until I picked each of them up. She remembers their birthdays, and contacts me to wish them a happy birthday. Remy and Winnie are from the same parents, but different litters. I fell in love with each of them the first time I saw them. I did not have to look at any other kitten after seeing them. They will follow me around the house. When I am in the kitchen at least one of them will sit on a chair or the floor like a puppy and wait for me to go to the next room. They are both healthy and happy. Thank you Stephanie for helping me to choose perfect additions to my family. 



If you are in search for the furbaby that best represents the physical and social characteristics of the  Ragdoll breed, this is it! My advice is that of my veterinarian...find a small breeder who raises the kittens in their own home. That's exactly what happens at Rags Reign. The Jansens have a small all girls program.  This means that males are purposely and carefully chosen to produce large, healthy kittens. The combination of champion genetics and a socialized environment results in kittens that are as loving as they are lovely , ready to become a forever member of your family.  My Deuteronomy has recently turned one year old and has the fluffiest coat I've ever seen, plus great big Carolina blue eyes!


Lana E. Ray 


Cat lover and author of "A Cat's Tale of Two Kitties: Adoption and Diversity "


I couldn't be happier with my kitten from Stephanie at Rags Rein! From the beginning, we had a great experience with Stephanie - she was so easy to work with, and answered all of my questions promptly. Our kitten Chloe is the happiest, healthiest kitten we could have hoped for and melted all of our hearts from day one! We came in from out of state and meeting at the airport was a breeze. Not only that, but we were provided with her health records, instructions for settling in at home, and plenty of kitten food to transition with. Our kitten has impressed everyone who comes to our house, even 'dog people' - and our vet has such great things to say about her at her health checks. I will be coming back to Stephanie for my next Ragdoll and highly recommend her cattery. 



My wife and I have learned what to for in researching cat and dog breeders. My wife looked at many sites selling ragdoll kittens. My wife reviewed the kittens Stephanie had for sale.  All of them were gorgeous. My wife spoke to Stephanie and immediately felt very comfortable and secure that her cattery was well managed and maintained.  Ultimately we decided to buy a kitten from her. 

We did have the opportunity to meet Stephanie in person and see her cattery.  Noting this was the first time we were ever welcomed into a cattery and see how it was managed.  Our experience with Stephanie was definitely the best.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the loving and nurturing environment the kittens were raised. 

We know breeding is everything and the need to keep the blood lines pure.  Stephanie takes pride in her blood lines and keeping bloodlines at its purest.  We have had our kitten for 4 months now 7 months old and can attest we have a very beautiful kitten.  She has a fabulous personality both loving and lots of fun.  All of her traits are due to quality breeding.

Many thanks to Stephanie and hopes for her growing business.  We look forward to buying another kitten from her. Thanks


Bob & Cindy

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