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Ragdoll Kitten Pricing 


Pet Quality: $2,000 and Up

Breeder/Show Quality: $4,000 and Up


Ragdolls Reign Adoption Process 

Upon selecting a kitten, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required. The deposit will secure the kitten as sold. The balance is due upon receipt if local pickup.  If the kitten is couriered to you, the balance is due 5 days prior to flight arrangements.  (Courier service can be arranged and the transaction discussed directly between you the kitten buyer and the courier with my assistance.)


Once the deposit is received, the contract will be sent to the buyer as well as information on food, litter, recommended toys and cat trees, and tips in transitioning the kitten to your home and family.  


The kitten will receive age appropriate shots prior to leaving the cattery.  Shots we arrange will normally include the first 2 FVRCP shots as well as a One Year Rabies.  The contract will list shots received as well as what/when any additional shot is required.  In the first year, we recommend a kitten receive the 3 FVRCP booster shots and the one year rabies.  All of our shots and examinations are performed by a veterinarian.  In addition, we have an early spay/neuter policy as does All Star Rags.  Proof of spay/neuter will be provided.  Due to the surgery and needed recovery time, kittens are usually 13-14 weeks of age when they go to their forever home.


Upon pickup, you will receive the contract for signature and documentation on all shots.  You will also receive the TICA breeder litter registration.  This proves that both parents are registered with TICA and allows you the right to order the registration on your kitten if desired.  All of our ragdoll kittens come with a 4 year genetic health guarantee from birth. You will also receive a bag of the dry food and canned wet food they enjoy.  A blanket that will give them the familiar smells of their first home will go with them as well as travel toys.   


A Wellness Visit to your vet is recommended within 72 hours of receiving your kitten to verify overall health.  This is stated in the contract as well.  We will follow up with the new buyer on the wellness appointment since it is to the benefit of the buyer for a veterinarian to confirm all is well.  


Once you have your kitten, we provide support in the transition into your family and routine.  You will receive tips on transitioning when the contract is emailed to you, but new buyers can reach out with questions or concerns, too.  This is normal for the first couple of weeks especially if there are other pets.  And that support is on-going as the years go by.  We are pleased to stay in touch with our families who watch their once kitten grow into an adored adult ragdoll.  

Ragdolls Reign Contract & Extra Info 


Extra Info

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