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Welcome to Ragdolls Reign Cattery where ragdoll cats and kittens reign every day! We are a small "female only" cattery in Kernersville, North Carolina.  This is made possible through our on-going support from All Star Rags owner Nicole Baca Maillet.  All Star Rags' handsome males plus Ragdolls Reign's beautiful females create kittens that will make your heart go pitter pat!  With wonderful combinations of seal, blue, cream, red, bicolor, mitted, tortie, and lynx, it can be hard to choose which adorable kitten to make your very own!  


A special forever thank you to Nicole with All Star Rags for her kings' contributions to Ragdolls Reign Cattery females as well as our personal friendship in all things ragdoll and life!  


Ragdolls Reign Cattery is registered with The International Cat Association/TICA.  You can rest assured that your kitten comes from traditional ragdoll bloodlines.  Their dazzling blue eyes will melt your heart.  They have color points and exhibit true ragdoll looks and personality.  We do not breed mink, sephia or solid color ragdolls.  All of our ragdoll kittens come with a 4 year genetic health guarantee from birth. Our breeding ragdolls have tested negative for both found HCM mutations. 


Our queens reign in our home.  They watch tv with us, take naps with us, follow us from room to room at their pleasure so that we can enjoy them and love on them.  They know their names and are an audience for all my cooking and life in general!  They take in all the holidays with us including keeping a watchful eye as I decorate our 3 Christmas trees lol!   They are wonderful and beautiful companions and make life better!  When they are ready to deliver, we have a kitten nursery where the babies are born and cared for during their first few weeks of life.  At around 7 weeks, they begin journeying into the kitchen to explore and socially interact.  The kittens are ready for their new family after they have recovered from their spay/neuter surgery...around 13-14 weeks of age.  Up until that time, we cover every kitten with kisses and hugs so they know they are wanted and loved.  

Our North Carolina base is conveniently located outside Greensboro.  We are just 30 minutes from Winston-Salem, 1 1/2 hours from both Raleigh and Charlotte.  

Thank you for visiting Ragdolls Reign website!  Enjoy the journey and let me know if I can assist in any way!  


Stephanie Jansen

Ragdolls Reign Cattery Owner and Manager


Upcoming Litters

 Interested in a Ragdolls Reign kitten?  Go to Pricing and Process to complete the Cattery Questionnaire.  This is the first step to adoption.  


This Litter Joined Their Families in February 2023

Contact Us

Stephanie Jansen

Kernersville, NC 27284  

Cell: (919) 880-7760 - Texts Preferred 

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